Musical angels are
Copyright 1998, Angelic



There Have Been

While they haven't arrived
with a blast of trumpets

or a rustle of wings, I've
known them just the same.

They preformed their acts in
human guise, sometimes

borrowing the faces of
family and friends, sometimes

posing as well-meaning
strangers. You have known them,

too, when just the right
word was needed, when a tiny act

of kindness made a great
difference...or perhaps you heard

a voice whispering in the
night of sorrow, the words not

quite clear, but the meaning

"There is hope...There
is hope".

    ~Author Unknown~




 Angel's Here and

An angel here, an angel there,

I'm surrounded by angels

When I'm in the middle of a
terrible storm

They come with their candles
to keep me warm.

An angel to comfort, an
angel to guide,

an angel to fill that dark
hole inside.

An angel to cry on, an angel
who cares,

I'm surrounded by angels,

There are angels who reach
out when times are rough

Who listen to my heartache
and all kinds of stuff.

Bright in the sunshine and
in dark of night

The angels surround me with
comforting light.

God knows that I need them,
so He sends them down

To give me a smile and take
care of my frown.

God sent a few angels to
brighten my day.

They helped me and carried
my burdens away.

So thank you, dear angels,
more than you'll ever know

For watering my happiness
and making it grow.

~Author Unknown~




What Does an Angel Look

Like the little old lady who
returned your wallet yesterday.

Like the taxi driver that
told you that your eyes light up the
world, when you smile.

Like the small child who showed you the wonder in simple things.

Like the poor man who offered to share his lunch with you.

Like the rich man who showed you
it really is all possible if
only you believe.

Like the stranger who just
happened to come along when you had lost your way.

Like the friend who touched
your heart, when you didn't think you
had one left to touch.

Angels come in all sizes and

All ages and skin types.

Some with freckles, some
with dimples,

some with wrinkles, some

They come disguised as
friends, enemies, teachers, students, lovers
and fools.

They don't take life too

They travel light. They leave no forwarding

They ask for nothing in

They wear sneakers with
gossamer wings. (They get a great deal on

They are hard to find when
your eyes are closed, but they are everywhere you
look~when you choose to see.

~Author Unknown~




"Be not forgetful to
entertain strangers,

for thereby some have
entertained angels, unawares."

~Hebrews 13:2~




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