Welcome to Ryan's Bat Cave

Ryan's Bat Cave


This is me by the bat-mobile

"Just out for a spin in the ol' Batmobile....Oh, no! Did I just give away my identity???"


My name is Ryan and I'm 10 years old. As you can see by my page, I like Batman. I also enjoy basketball and collecting basketball cards (especially Michael Jordan - he's my favorite player. I have 32+ of his cards).

I was on my school 2nd/3rd grade basketball team last year. Here is a picture. I hope to play again this year.

Ryan's Trading Card


Favorite Basketball player - Michael Jordan

"maybe, someday..."


Picture I Drew, with the computer, of Michael Jordan

"Picture I Drew, with the computer, of Michael Jordan"


My Favorite Hockey Team

"My Favorite Hockey Team"


I really like animals. I have 2 chihuahuas, 1 dalmation, 1 parakeet and several fish. See our pet page for pictures.
I also like going to hockey games (GO ARKANSAS GLACIERCATS!!), computers, video games, roller-blading, going to the movies with my big brothers (they hardly ever let me : ( and hanging out with my friends. My 3 best friends are Kelsey, David, and Jeremy. I just had a birthday, (my 10th) and I got a new bike. I really needed one. The thing I wanted most, though, was to get my military I.D. You have to be 10 years old to get one. I will get to go get it soon. : ) [UPDATE: I Now Have My Military I.D. !!!] I wore glasses last year but this year I got to get contacts. They have been pretty easy to wear, so far. Here are some of my favorites:
Hockey Team ~ Arkansas Glaciercats!; Movie ~ "Space Jam"; basketball team ~ Chicago Bulls; school subject ~ math and art; T.V. show ~ "Are You Afraid of the Dark" cartoon~ "Garfield and Friends"& "Rugrats"; dog ~ Bloodhound; food ~ macaroni and cheese (Kraft) and song ~ "I Believe I Can Fly".

Favorite movie: Space Jam


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